About Us

Town Break (originally known as Town Break Stirling Group) started its journey in 1992 by providing a service to people living with dementia in the absence of statutory provision. The service started with the provision of a Drop-in Centre (Day Care) running one day a week in the Town Centre, where carers of people with dementia could safely leave the person they were caring for and go off for some time on their own, hence the name Town Break.

Two years later, Town Break recognised that not everyone enjoyed being part of a group setting, some preferred a more one-to-one setting, and a new Befriending Service was born.

April 2011 saw the beginning of another crucial service, our Rural Day Club. This service supports those living with dementia in more rural locations throughout the Stirling Council Area.

During 2012 the waiting list for the Befriending Service peaked at 44 people resulting in the formation of a Friendship Group. Those living with dementia plus carers can attend this group once a month. The group offer friendship, entertainment and afternoon tea.

Friendship Group was later extended to all individuals irrespective of Town Break’s services and we are proud to report that the Joint Improvement Team (JIT) has classed this service as an example of good practice.

If you would like a copy of our latest Annual Report or annual accounts, please call us on 01786 641 841 or email Admin@townbreakstirling.org.